After the success of the past years, ITDevCon European Delphi Conference comes back with its fourth edition.

    It is known that Delphi is the most popular RAD environment for developing native Win32 applications. From this base comes the desire to create an event to meet and exchange between developers who use this tool and related technologies, also looking to the future and the new frontiers of development on mobile platforms.

    Save the date: Verona, October 25/26, 2012

    The sessions will each last for 70 minutes. Participants can choose which speech to follow and move through the halls of the conference, creating a learning path closer to their needs.


    With its three tracks ITDevCon European Delphi Conference is the reference point for everything that exists in this area and for the evangelization of new and better methods of design and development.

    The issues addressed during the two days dedicated to Delphi will be:


    • What's new in Delphi
    • FireMonkey
    • iOS development (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
    • MacOSX development
    • Android clients for Delphi servers
    • Windows 8
    • Delphi best practices
    • Design Patterns
    • DataSnap
    • "Unusual" Delphi markets
    • TDD and Unit Tests
    • Agile methodologies
    • Dependency Injection
    • ORM
    • Software engineering
    • "Hands on" sessions for the most used Delphi frameworks (e.g. Delphi Spring Framework, OTL etc)
    • Mobile
    • HTML5/SVG/WebGL and Delphi
    • OOD/OOP
    • Web development with Delphi
    • Real OOP Delphi applications developments
    • Delphi fundamentals/advanced
    • Metaprogramming
    • Games
    • SOA/ROA
    • Architectures



    Software architects
    Software developers
    Project managers
    IT managers