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    € 499,00

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    € 898,20

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    € 1197,60

    4 tickets

    € 1397,20

    1  Educational ticket



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    The conditions for participation in the conference and ticket purchase are governed by the following terms:

    1. The price includes coffee breaks and lunches.
    2. These terms apply to all participants, regardless of country of origin.
    3. The registration fee is payable upon registration.
    4. Conference participation is possible only after the actual balance of the membership fee as been paid.
    5. At the end of the conference participants will be issued a certificate of attendance.
    6. Should the conference not take place, the conference fees will be paid back. No other claims against the organizer can be held. Should the conference be postponed, the conference registrations remain valid.
    7. If a particular organizational needs, the organizer reserves the right to make the necessary changes is the calendar and the other operational aspects.
    8. The Educational ticket purchase is subject to the presentation of a certificate of school attendance.
    9. Any change in names of participants will need to be communicated promptly to the following