The main expert speaker will be present on the Delphi conference

Jon Lennart Aasenden

Jon Lennart Aasenden is a well-known software developer from Norway.  During the last couple of years he has been the lead developer of Smart Mobile Studio.  Mr. Aasenden is self-taught and has been involved in several projects over the last 15 years.

SessionsAn introduction to Smart Mobile Studio
A deep-dive into the Smart Mobile Studio world
Jørn E. Angeltveit

Jørn E. Angeltveit the owner of Optimale Systemer AS - the software consultancy company behind Smart Mobile Studio.He's got a Master of Science (cand.scient.) degree in computer science with User Experience as specialty.  On daily basis he works with software engineering, user experience and programming.

SessionsA deep-dive into the Smart Mobile Studio world
An introduction to Smart Mobile Studio
Fabrizio Bitti

20 years of experience in the ICT sector. After graduating from the Industrial Technical expert with specialization in Computer Science, started his professional career as a programmer  for different situations such as Olivetti, specializing in the programming languages C + +, Java and C and then the use of Borland products (now Embarcadero) . In 1996 he moved to England where he worked in IBM UK Ltd and DST International, working on major projects for the London Stock Exchange, developing applications for the finance sector and acquiring technical and functional skills in finance. Back in Italy, after several years of collaboration with Italian software company, began his adventure in 2002 by founding bit Time Software, of which it currently is C.E.O

SessionsOpening Keynote
Mauro Botta

Mauro Botta is the administrator and developer chief of an important Italian software house and  author of one of the latest and most discuss programs in the Delphi world, Mida Converter. Using Freamwork FireMonkey, allows the conversion of Delphi/C++ Builder VCL into Delphi/C++Builder FireMonkey XE2/XE3. Through an agreement with Embarcadero, it  provides a Basic version of the software.

SessionsConversione di progetti VCL in FireMonkey
Marco Breveglieri

Marco Breveglieri is the legal director of ABLS Team, a consulting firm that deals with computer software development, Web site creation, courses on programming languages ‹and related technologies, installation and configuration of enterprise networks, networking, and other Office Automation informatic services for businesses and end users.
He is  involved in a particular way of developing software for Microsoft Windows and .NET Framework, the creation and design of web site  and organization of Web programming courses (mainly Delphi and C # / VB.NET).

SessionsCondividere file con Dropbox in Delphi
 Tecniche avanzate per Unit Test
Marco Cantù

Marco Cantù is the author of over a dozen books on Delphi, from the first versions up to the latest one with his Delphi Handbooks Collection. Besides writing, Marco is a consultant and trainer and had given classes on Delphi for many years in Italy (though Wintech Italia) and around the world (including the Delphi Developer Days events). Most recently, his focus in on the development of Web applications with Delphi REST servers and jQuery, on Cloud-based technologies, and on the new Delphi FireMonkey framework. Marco lives in Italy and has a popular blog at blog.marcocantu.com

SessionsDelphi e Windows 8
Firemonkey Evolution
Developing Web Sites with jQuery and Delphi DataSnap REST
Giacomo Degli Esposti

Giacomo Degli Esposti is a Senior Software Engineer working in the Enterprise division of Optima Software, an ISV located in Italy with customers all over the world. He has worked for over 15 years on client/server applications, holding different positions through the years, from application developer and designer to database designer and administrator. Giacomo's experience with Embarcadero tools started when he was at school, using turbo Pascal 3. He continued using turbo c++ and Delphi through the years as a hobbyist, until 1998, when he started working with Delphi as a professional. He received a Master Degree in Computer Science from University of Bologna in 1996. In his spare time, Giacomo loves cooking, watching sci-fi movies and travelling.

SessionsContinuous integration per progetti Delphi
Sfruttare la potenza di calcolo della scheda grafica con Delphi e OpenCL
Primož Gabrijelčič

Primož Gabrijelčič is a long-time Delphi programmer working with Delphi since its inception (and even before, since Turbo Pascal 3 days). Besides his professional programming career, he writes for programming/computer oriented magazines (Monitor, Blaise Pascal Magazine) and is frequent contributor to the Delphi community. In the past few years his focus was mainly on parallel programming and high availability server solutions wich resulted in extremely popular threading library for Delphi - OmniThreadLibrary. He's also an avid blogger, publishing his thoughts on Delphi programming at www.thedelphigeek.com

SessionsRegular expressions - friend or foe?
“Hands-On”: Developing for Windows and OSX
 "Hands On": Parallel programming with OmniThreadLibrary
Luca Giacalone

Many years of experience in web application development. Expert of integration with SOA between Delphi and PHP with REST services


SessionsSviluppare applicazioni mobile con HTML5 Builder
Pawel Glowacki

Pawel Glowacki is Embarcadero's European Technical Lead for Delphi, RAD Studio and All-Access technologies. Previously, Pawel spent over 7 years working as a senior consultant and trainer for Delphi within Borland Education Services and CodeGear. As well as working with Embarcadero customers across the region, he also represents Embarcadero internationally as a conference and seminar speaker. For more information check out Pawel's technical blog at http://blogs.embarcadero.com/pawelglowacki

SessionsDelphi XE3 Overview
 FireMonkey 3D Programming in Delphi XE3
Website blogs.embarcadero.com/pawelglowacki
Ray Konpka

Ray Konopka is the President of Raize Software, wich he foundet in 1995, and is still the Chief Architect of the company's Raize Components and CodeSite products. Ray is also the author of the highly acclaimed Developing Custom Delphi Components books and has published numerous magazine articles on software development. Ray specializes in user interface design and custom component development. An engaging presenter, Ray is a frequent speaker at develper conferences.

SessionsSkinning VCL Applications with VCL Styles
Leveraging CodeSite Studio
Creating Custom FireMonkey Controls
Effective User Interface Design
Debora Mizzoni

After a degree in Telecommunications Engineering she entered in the IT world. She  Always worked in the host and client-server projects. Currently dealing with web consulting, product presentations and training courses on Embarcadero Delphi4PHP. She has participated as a speaker at events such as Delphi and other conferences organized by bit Time softwareSoftware.

SessionsSviluppare applicazioni web mobile con HTML5 Builder
Jeroen Wiert Pluimers

Makes things work. Specialist in .NET, Win32, x64, SQL, Visual Studio and Delphi. Knows how to strike a balance between old and brand new technology to make things work.
DOS, mobile, big systems, you name it.

SessionsUnit Testing with Delphi
 Tips and tricks and choosing the right tools in your Delphi Eco System
Hidden Gems of Delphi Language: Operator Overloading and Class/Record helpers
Salvatore Sparacino

Salvatore Sparacino is a senior software developer in bitTime software, has many years of IT experience with a deep knowledge of client / server applications in Delphi environment.

SessionsEffective use ActiveRecord...got to OOP and be happy!
Daniele Teti

Daniele Teti is bit Time Software  R & D Director & Educational , representing the Italian Embarcadero Technologies.He has years of experience in the ICT world. Works with several open source projects for the community of Delphi developers and PHP.E He has been Italian speaker to many conferences discussing Delphi, PHP and Embarcadero products. He is also a strong supporter of the design through design patterns and TDD. Frequently writes articles published online and on several Italian magazines. In its educational activities (through training courses provided by bit Time) assigns a lot of space exposure of concepts related to design patterns and SOA.

SessionsImproving Delphi Code Testability Through Dependency Injection
Livebindings in depth for FireMonkey fm2 and VCL